Certified training seminars for gymnasts

Certified training seminars for gymnasts (personal trainers - strength and conditioning coaches) 2nd scientific circles under the auspices of AKETH (Developmental Center of Thessaly)


Aim of seminars
Our goal is to bring our learners able to filter through the scientific knowledge of coaching the new market trends, to accept or reject fitness equipment, to compete in the changing demands of the modern market. Duration of seminar: 25 hours (20 hours theory and 5 hours of practice. Cost: € 150 and the amount is paid in 5 installments.

Theory topics (20 hours):

  • Introduction & presentation of classic model training Vs New Functional model
  • Sport injure prevention as a new field which consist the new Functional theory
  • Principles and methods to use vibration machines in sports
  • Ergometric evaluation
  • Fitness management: (Body language and leading behavior of the coach)
  • Periodization
  • Weight trainer Instructor: Level I & level II
  • Fitness & Sports nutrition
  • 3d Matrix coach instructor
  • Ergophysiology principles

Practice topics (5 hours):

  • Core stabilization training & functional movement vs classic
  • Preventing injures fitness programmes
  • FMS test
  • Training with swinging straps
  • Vibration trainer instructor (with functional method)
  • Vertimax sports specific trainer

For registration and more information please contact AKETH: tel. 2431024697