Within the European program entitled IBM+ -Innovative Training and New Business Opportunities in the Energy Market- which has been approved and funded by the Spanish National Unit of European Programs under ERASMUS + framework, the final project meeting of the partnership was held at Badajoz (Spain) in the premises of Scientific and Technological Park of Extremadura (FUNDECYT) between 28 and 29th of August 2017.

The main objective of the project is to select, adapt, develop and facilitate the necessary knowledge, tools and methods to train energy sector agents in the use of innovative techniques for the design and development of New Business Models within the energy sector in an agile way, in order to be able to offer new products/services adapted to the system changes and to costumers requirements.

Apart from Development Centre in Thessaly in the IBM+ project participate as partners: the University of East London (UEL), Energy Cluster of Extremadura a private non-profit association of entrepreneurs, launched by the Government of Extremadura (Spain), the Foundation FUNDECYT Scientific and Technological Park of Extremadura (Spain) and the European Certification and Qualification Association (ESQA) from Austria which provides a world-wide unified certification schema for numerous professions.

During the fourth and final partnership meeting, the intellectual outputs of the project were presented, analyzed and discussed, including the results of the research contacted in the context of the project concerning the training needs in the partner countries about innovative business models that can be applied in the case of Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and the and innovative educational material developed under the framework of the project (activity for which the Development Center of Thessaly had been identified as responsible partner).

During the seminar that followed the meeting, the interested parties were introduced, through an initial training, to the methods and tools for selecting, planning and adoption of the appropriate business model in enterprises of the energy sector. In the framework of the aforementioned seminar, the representative of the Developmental Center of Thessaly (AKETH-DCT), mr. Achilleas Kostoulas, presented an essay entitled "The core of setting up an innovative ESCO: Step by step from simple ideas to innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities".

After the end of the project’s meeting, the project partners had the opportunity to visit and tour the Badajoz's historic center where they were given the official dinner by the coordinating partner.




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