IBM+ Innovative training and new Business opportunities in the energy Market

IBM+ (Innovative training and new Business opportunities in the energy Market)erasmus




THE PROJECT In a globalized and dynamic world, businesses need to adapt quickly to changes to survive. Companies must keep abreast with changing environmental conditions. They must stay informed as to how those changes will affect their business and be able to define new products and services that meet the evolving needs of markets. The value chain of the energy sector is currently facing a paradigm shift that will lead to the emergence of many needs that will be a source of new business ideas for companies able to identify and develop them. Companies that are already in the sector attempt to align their business models to be as efficient as possible. They move in a known and relatively predictable space based on their experience, knowledge of their customer and their value proposal. However, they are not able to adapt quickly to changes that the energy sector is already suffering from and to the new market trends.

The IBM+ project aims to select adapt, develop and facilitate the necessary knowledge, tools and methods to train energy sector agents in the use of innovative techniques for the design and development of NEW BUSINESS MODELS within the energy sector. It aims to demonstrate how companies can act both proactively and with agility in order to be able to offer new products/services adapted to the market and system changes and the customer requirements.


The IBM+ project main goals are:

  1. The provision and advisement on key competences to the energy sector agents.
  2. The promotion of entrepreneurial experiences within the energy sector.
  3. The promotion of the development of innovative learning methods, open educational resources and flexible learning.
  4. To facilitate the validation of formal and non-formal learning in order to increase the permeability of educational pathways.
  5. The promotion of education and training that is aligned to the market needs.



Energy Cluster of Extremadura

Foundation FUNDECYT Scientific and Technological Park of Extremadura

University of East London

European Certification and Qualification Association (ECQA)



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