Acronym: ESVET

Project Summary

Event Management is chosen the one of the most popular 50 careers on employment outlook in the world. Event Managers are both self employed small business operators, and employees of larger organisations such as: wedding venues, hotels, resorts, exhibition companies, concert promoters and conference organisers. 95% of the Event planners in Europe do not have a certificate from a training programme. Their skills come from their work experiences.

Most European countries lack qualificational coherence, standards, and training/teaching paths. Within the EU, only the UK and Germany have some kind of national standards recognized both by industry and public authorities on event management. Answering the needs of European-wide Event Managers, this project will establish an ECVET platform in order to design a path towards European standard for Event Management enhancing the mobility of workers within the cultural sector. In fact, there are numerous barriers to supply the skills acquired in this way a recognition. People need to present and future, have a high mobility in terms of work tasks to be dealt with and the successive worker. Careers are increasingly a series of work and orientation phases.
Within this project, ECVET assessment of vocational skills will be developed and be used anywhere in Europe. The assessment of skills regardless of the way of skill acquisition will be possible. There are learning achievements of formal, non-formal and informal learning together. In this project, forming modular components, leading to complex action-oriented skills will be valued. In line with this objective, the partnership was formed consisting of players from the local authority, vocational research and development center, training company professional development, professional association and the institutions with experiences on ECVET .Thus partners from the ECVET and ECTS area work together on a transfer of methods for the introduction of ECVET.
So at the project level, a project structure has arisen, which is try to achieve on a higher political level. In this project, An online competence assessment platform will be developed for the recognition of credits required for a competency test on event management. A modular system of credits in vocational training on event management sector will be developed and tested. Units are defined, described the action-oriented skills needed identified learning outcomes assessed and developed the competence assessment process and tested.

Who does finance this project?
ERASMUS+ : KA2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices. Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training,
Turkish National Agency.


What is project duration?
01.09.2015 – 31.08.2018


Who are the project partners?

Inovasyon Proje (Turkey) - Coordinator aaaa.png
Global Education Culture and Communication Association -GLOBEST (Turkey) b
Biedriba Eurofortis (Latvia) eee.png

Centrul de Resurse pentru Educatie si Formare Profesionala - CREFOR (Romania)


IBS - CEMES Institut GmbH (Germany) f
AKETH Developmental Centre of Thessaly - D.C.T. - A.KE.TH. (Greece) d
Institute for Technology and Quality - ISQ (Portugal) c.png

Institute for Training of Personnel in International Organizations - ITPIO (Bulgaria)




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