Within the European program entitled MECVET - Development and Test of a Modular ECVET System in Europe- which has been approved and funded by the Turkish National Unit of European Programs under the framework of Leonardo Da Vinci (Transfer of Innovation– TOI), a seminar and technical workshop was held at Trikala in the premises of Developmental Centre of Thessaly on 26/10/2015. Participants were welcomed to AKETH by the Director Ms. Donna Evangelia and the responsible persons of the seminar and the workshop Mr. Achilleas Kostoulas and Mr. Stefanos Souflias.

The main objective of the project is the development and test of a modular ECVET system in the field of elderly care in Europe giving the opportunity for recognition of the qualifications and skills of those who are employed to the subject in European Union countries. Apart from Developmental Center of Thessaly, organizations, institutions, companies, universities and public institutions of Turkey, Germany, Portugal, Bulgaria and Switzerland participate as partners, while coordinator of the project is Governorship of Istanbul.

The participants of the seminar and workshop were 26 students and 2 educators of the Public Vocational School of the General Hospital of Trikala for Nursing Assistants, having also the opportunity to get informed of all of the educational activities of Developmental Center of Thessaly.

The seminar presented the results of the research that was conducted in the partner countries of the project and referred to the Analysis of the current situation and needs in the sector of vocational education in elderly care, as well as the ECVET framework and the analysis of the learning outcomes of the training modules that have been developed under the project.

The workshop was related to the use and management of the CEMES  e-platform that is used for the project for the evaluation of the competences of the potential employees in the sector of elderly care. The students of the Public Vocational School of the General Hospital of Trikala for Nursing Assistants had the chance to evaluate the e-platform as well as the process of validation of the learning outcomes that have been developed under the framework of the MECVET project. 12177994 10153785223412340 692591993 n

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