About the SPLASH project
slpashThe SPLASH project arises from the will of the Municipal Administration of Sardarato respond to two needs of primary importance: the high rate of youth unemployment, especially for women, as well as updating the staff and the service package offered by the SPA facilities in the area.
In fact, we estimate that the joint achievement of these objectives, in line with the policy priorities for the sustainable development of our socio-economic, will lead to a real and functional increase of the specialized tourism offer and, consequently, an increase of demand.
Therefore, in order to obtain excellent results in the shortest possible time we felt it essential to open the door to a debate on a European scale with those realities that, for years, successfully manage facilities which promote the philosophy of wellness and spa tourism.


Sustainability of the project

The SPLASH project, in fact, can be considered like the start-up of a multi-year project which aims to improve educational and working opportunities offered by the spa tourism in Europe, through a comparison between different contexts and countries to build a network of people and territories interested in enhancing the natural and cultural heritage, to identify innovative ways for the supply and promotion of services and to reflect on how to recognize and validate the skills that characterize the professions of this field.


The beneficiaries

The direct beneficiaries of the action will be 34 young men and women resident preferably in the town of Sardara, and in the other 5 towns belonging to the "Sistema TermaleSardo" , Fordongianus, Benetutti, Viddalba, Santa Maria Coghinase Bultei, highly motivated to have an internship for a period of 8 weeks in one of SPA Hotels involved in the partnership.

In total 34 traineeships grants will be assigned for the following positions:

  • Restaurant: waiters and cooks
  • Hotel front desk
  • SPA: personnel for the management of wellness areas, bathing attendants

In addition to residence and personal motivation, the selection criteria that will be indicated in the public notice are:

  • Age from 18 to 38 years
  • Basic knowledge of the English language
  • Minimal experience gained in one of three professional fields

The already started mobility flows:

  • 10 trainees in Portugal
  • 4 traineesi n Slovenia
  • 20 trainees in Greece

Added value

The presence of multiple beneficiaries in the same structure and at the same time, but with different roles, will be useful for the most important objective of the SPLASH project: the training not only of individuals able to spend themselves in the labour market, but also the constitution of a team aware of the dynamics that characterize the high-level spa tourism in Europe and able to present it in Sardara and in the towns of the system, also adapting it to the context and the uniqueness of the area.