What is MECVET?

MECVET is a project for Development and Test of a Modular ECVET System in elderlycare field in Europe


Who does finance this project?

It's a Transfer Of Innovation project under Leonardo Da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme financed by ministry of EU, Turkish National Agency.

EU contribution: 299.969 euro


What is project duration?

1st December 2013 - 31st November 2015


Who are the project partners?

Governorship of IstanbulGovernorship of Istanbul (TR) (COORDINATOR)

 ibs cemes IBS - CEMES Institut GmbH

 supsiSUPSI - DSAN (CH)

 Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies (TR)

 aketh AKETH Developmental Centre of Thessaly (D.C.T. - A.KE.TH.) (EL)

 isqInstitute for Technology and Quality (PT)

Istanbul Aydin UniversityIstanbul Aydin University (TR)

itpioInstitute for Training of Personnel in International Organizations (BG)


Why this project is needed? 

Considering the increasing percentage of the geriatric population in both Turkey and EU, problems and life conditions of the geriatric population is an important issue for community and family life.

Families need to be informed and help from social workers or medicals. Because of the increasing of dependence and illness at geriatric period, care of the elderly poeple becomes more difficult.

So, there should be skilled person who attend service-training about elderly people (their problems, needs, how to support them, how to deal with them etc.). The recognition of informal and non-formal learning is a necessity in the current era of lifelong learning.


What's the aim and scope of the project?

MECVET project aims to transfer the EU project ESO-CERT method to geriatric sector, specifically elderly care sector. In this way, developed method for ECVET assessment of vocational skills developed and be used anywhere in Europe in that area.

According to this method is the assessment of skills regardless of the way of skill acquisition possible. There are learning achievements of formal, non-formal and informal learning together.

Within the project the informal and non-formal learning outcomes are tested by CEMES competence assessment (project ESO-CSA) and the online-based multilingual competence assessment platform (ESO-CRS).

This project gives the opportunity for the recognition for enormous scope of vocational training in the countries of the EU.


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